This is Zhehang, greetings from China! I have been touring around China at the moment; I have been in Beijing and Shanghai, now in Changsha in central south China. Here are some photos of China, I hope you find them interesting!

National Art Museum of China (NAMC), photo by Deng
National Art Museum of China (NAMC)

In the sky photo (below) you see the sky of Beijing…this was, I think, the sky of Beijing one day in the week of 19 September. Very smoggy, I could feel the pressure of bad air in my throat and lungs:

Beijing Sky, photo by Deng
Beijing Sky
Chinese Garden, Beijing, photo by Deng
Chinese Garden, Beijing

This is the traditional Chinese garden on the ground floor of the hotel I stayed in in Beijing, called the Jianguo Hotel. The garden is so appealing that I found it gives me a piece of comfort before I look up to the smoggy sky. I really love gardens; I still remember many gardens in Britain, like the one in front of my rented place in China, called Nevern Square. I wonder what would it look like if someone combines the British and Chinese gardening theories together into practice.

Inside of the Forbidden City, the former royal palace of the Imperial China (Ming and Qing Dynasty). There are many great treasure to be seen, plus the mountains of people:

Forbidden City, photo by Deng
Forbidden City

I have taken this picture near “Liulichang”, it is renovated pedestrian shopping street where shops specialise in traditional crafts related to calligraphy and paintings, like ink brush, ink paper, ink, ink stone, and so on:

Beijing Street, photo by Deng
Beijing Street

Wedgewood shop in China

Wedgewood shop in China

Wedgwood shop in China, more specifically in Shanghai, in a very very fancy, high-end, posh, shiny, modern shopping mall (I regret I did not take a photo of this mall). I am amazed that nowadays Chinese start to admire European porcelain makers (e.g., Wedgwood and Meissen all have branches in China). It is something that greatly inspired me.

I went to the Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts, the skills of this work of ivory carving must have been breathtaking:

Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts, photo by Deng
Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts

I hope you find these photos interesting. I will soon be on my way to Hong Kong, where there will be a conference about art collection building organised by the Financial Times, on 15 October. Afterwards I will go to Wuhan, in central China.

Best wishes, Zhehang

photographs courtesy of Zhehang Deng.